Thursday, 25 November 2010


Secrecy and privacy are themes in my work for the Mary Gregg project, her letters were read but I want mine to remain concealed and the G Clamps were a effective way to portray this. It makes them more intriguing as well as aesthetically pleasing. They look better 'forced' together and I've used smaller clamps to contrast the power between the clam and the envelope.


This sheet has 35 of my favourite envelopes but unlike the other sheets, it has a random sequence. It highlights the way the envelopes have adopted different characters and contrasts. I'm going to print this as an A1 sheet as part of my exhibition in the Link Gallery.

60xEnvelopes: The Big Sheets

Whilst laying out each envelope I found them to be more interesting at this angle, they each have their own character and the way they are opened is more interesting than the contents. I've progressed with this by photographing all 60 envelopes and laying them out to produce a full sheet of envelopes.

Each sheet has 15 envelopes on them, with the front and back of each envelope sequenced together. There's variations of the way each letter has been opened and the way they've 'aged', as they have been in my cellar for 4 years. I'm going to print these out on A2 and display them as part of my exhibition for the project.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Whent the envelopes took over my flat..

Sticking with the clamping and suspension idea I wanted to see how they would look if i had a sense of 'overflowing' because the first time I saw the bag that contained the envelopes looked like it was going to explode. I put them in different areas in my flat as if they were going along with my daily routine, and this coincided with Mary as in her letters she used to talk about what she went about in her daily life. I feel like the mini fridge works the best as th the envelopes look as if they're overflowing and 'taking over'

Mechanical Envelopes ?

I added a wire from a glue gun to this envelope as well as a key, as I like to add different components together that wouldn't normally be seen together and imagining what these letters would act like if they were 'plugged in' - Letters coming out of the envelope ? Being read out in a monotonous tone, or a tone by whoever wrote them ?