Thursday, 6 January 2011

FROM BACK HOME / Anders Petersen and JH Engstrom

I went to this exhibition at the National Media Museum in Bradford, and found their take on photography and the way they display it more appealing than the way photography is generally exhibited. In 2001, Petersen and Engström began a seven-year collaboration to photograph the Värmland, the central western area of Sweden where both men spent their formative years. Travelling into the heart of their subject, their potent and captivating photographs became an intense voyage of discovery into both the place and people that shaped them, and their associations with one another. The body of work was published in an award winning book but no exhibited. The images range from affectionate, brutal and sometimes funny, and shows their relationship and how they experienced the same emotions. I find the way the multiple photographs blown up into a large frame intriguing as your eye wanders around them all and each photo has a different emotion.

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