Friday, 8 October 2010


Party Project : Stag and Hen Do

This seemed like the easiest party to do as its covered by the media and soaps all too well…but not everybody knew what it was apart from the group members. We did a ‘Old English; take on it, taking it back to nature and having leaves from the local park for the set of our party. We had the L plates, the rebellious Feminist, the Pimp and Boxer to signify the masculinity and drunken brawls of Stags and Stag nights. And the ‘hoes’ to accompany the Pimp in their typical fashion for the clichéd Stag night. Ours wasn’t the stand out attraction, and there was a clash of ideas and not the best communication but I guess I’ve learnt with working with others and how to improve next time !
‘Old English meets Modern Stag night meets After party’

Film project: Forest Gump
I love this film ! So was pleased to know we had our own take on it and to make a Sweded . We haven't finished it yet but the group is working well together and have our props ready- Shrimp Boat, Leg Braces, placards with famous quotes such as “Run FOREST Run”, and some beards for the running scene. The production came together really well considering we filmed it on the morning of the final day and we worked really well as a team.

Next weeks project…to be announced !

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