Friday, 8 October 2010

Plan C: The Liquidator

In the Summer 2010 a group of six artists embarked on a journey to Chernobyl, to develop a secretive Plan C...Before they departed, a rural tractor left the Zone, leading west.

A month later a load of scrap metal was sitting in an anonymous warehouse under the railroad in Manchester, UK.

The group moved into the warehouse and started secretly working day and night on The Liquidator.

After two weeks The Liquidator is ready. The strange interactive sculpture was installed last night in Manchester’s Whitworth Park and is now fully operational.

I found it an interesting take on a fairground ride and came across this as it was in the park opposite my halls and staretd asking the artists about how they out it together, I was so intrigued and had to take part in the ride as it featured my love of thrown away objects and they told me about it. They were a abunch of enthusiastic skilled artists. My friend and I went on the one with the car seats but thought they had no seatbelts which was a bit nerving but luckily they had some. I would like to do a similar project in the future so will probably organsie something like this when I build more contacts.

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  1. I would like to know more about this..what else do they do?