Thursday, 19 January 2012

Apple Core

· My personal project developed from serendipity. I had an apple in my hand and tripped over a sealant gun, and thought I could do something with the two. I like how the sealant gun has a pushing mechanism, and thought it could core the apple somehow. I tried this and pushed the apple in the sealant gun, the apple wasn’t small enough to go in to the gun hole but still was ‘cored’. I tried this a couple of times, and with different fruit. I like the different stages of start to finish, from the push of the sealant gun to the broken apple, the nature and manmade, tools and food, changing the form of the object. This was unconsciously linked to my soap piece in the group project – the shaving of the soap with the fruit peeler, creating feminine shaped and changing the form completely by using a tool.

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