Thursday, 19 January 2012

Site Project: Sky Capture

· After Christmas we started the Site Project. It was a short one week project, and to respond to the All Saints Campus. My group consisted of Roxana and Hannah; we each have different practices but found common ground whilst discussing ideas. Our idea was to capture the sky, mainly the clouds, as looking ‘up’ is a different way of looking, and the slow moving and different images found in Clouds has an interesting and almost calming effect. We used 52 pieces of sunography paper, shaped cotton wool into cloud shapes and used sun light and UV Light as the light is sensitive to these lights and leaves the shapes of the ‘clouds’. We used light from different locations: All Saints Park, Princess street and Piccadilly Gardens, so that we individually had our own work and seeing which areas were the best, the pieces of the paper had interesting effects with some more faded and some with a rich blue background. The artificial clouds were compiled together in a jigsaw manner on two A2 pieces of foam board, laminated, and then stuck under the Link Gallery. There was a struggle to stick the work up properly as the weather and the building wasn’t in the best condition. However, it was successfully stuck up with some minor flaws but had positive feedback. The space we used for it was chosen as it isn’t somewhere you’d normally see any pieces of work, and also somewhere for the smokers to look at ! The space is quite big too and a suggestion was made to cover it all, which would be ideal to do in the Summer.

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