Thursday, 19 January 2012


My most recent project’s temporary name is ‘Dust’. This project started after I burnt toast and scraped the burn parts and saw the crumbs piled together and thought I could develop with this. Also, around this time I remembered how I used to go to a graveyard on a weekly basis and have always wanted to become an undertaker and have had a long interest in the corpse and forensics and began to look at cremation and I wanted to interlink how memories, molecules and lives can be intertwined as themes in my project. I’d started out by using what’s in my kitchen as it was where my inspiration came from and furthered this by collecting products and breaking them down to a dust consistency just like the crumbs. I’d also noticed how the crumbs resembles the contents of a teabag and exchanged them which lead me to looking at how id display what I’d done so used salt and pepper shakers as containers to keep it with the kitchen/breakfast starting point.

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