Thursday, 19 January 2012

Dust Project Continued

I was looking around my house for things to pulvarise and decided to add a 'daily routine' to my project and looking at meals so looked at fruit and colour started to play a role in my work. I decided to use orange skin since it's easy to grind because of its toughness once its left out in the sun and the colour is pretty vivid which could give the containers more variation

After discovering some old paint rollers and a dried glue tub i decided to carry on with the colour theme and the colour white gives everything a 'pure' look and this plays a role with the death theme. I found an old paint tray and the paint had flaked off and was easy to collect and i wanted to use the white paint flakes as part of my work because it broke off itself with not much force compared with the other products. I also scraped of paint from the old rollers which formed white dust which I'll use too

I've cut down this old table which has been in my friends house for the past 15 years, I wanted to change the form and decided to use it as art of my final piece maybe as a base for some display work but the history of it and the length of time its been at the house is important.

Another element of my work to be progressed was when I went to my friend’s house and he was preparing to move out so I decided to collect and record objects from each room and his daily life and put them in my containers to capture the feeling of this house which added another element to my project.

Referencing the cremation process is something I wanted to add but in a subtle way so used the chalk like grid (not sure of the proper name) from a heater and broke it down, not to a proper powder because whilst reading about ashes there are still remnants in the cremation process hence some more bigger bits. I was experimenting whether I should add colour or not within this piece and have decided to stick to white because the orange colouring powder doesn't go with it and throws the theme a bit off. I also added some clock hands which references grinding time, time of death and how long my friend had left to move out.

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