Thursday, 19 January 2012

Zee/Kurt Hentschläger/FACT

The most memorable exhibition is ‘Zee’ at FACT Gallery in Liverpool. Even though it was an amazingly immersive experience, it’s hard to describe everything that happened because of the numerous and overlappings of the whole work. There was a ‘prep’ talk before going into the room which made me anxious, and then the other participants went in, about 8 of us, holding on to the red rope to guide us in. The fog is very dense and then there lots of strobe lights, and then noises and patterns and colour which made it intense. At first I was trying to get comfortable but new things kept happening, and then as I was moving around the room was more ‘smiley’ because of it all, and the fact that it felt like an out of body experience and almost like it was entering the afterlife.

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