Thursday, 19 January 2012

Michael Landy/ Mark Dion / Robert Smithson / Michael Craig Martin

With my most recent project dealing with breaking down, pulverising and displaying I have been looking at Michael Landy and Mark Dion. I have looked at Michael Landy’s Scrapheap Services and Breakdown because of objects and ‘people’ being destroyed by using a shredder and some kind of force which is a part of how I’m but not using the same mechanical tools. Mark Dion’s way of presenting in a scientific way for his installations is how I started to display my work and looking at the Thames Dig and Curiosity Cabinet and the archaeological way of collecting is something I’ve done but on a smaller scale. I also like the way he hasn’t labelled the objects so that viewers go and make their own assumptions about the collections. The museum aspect is appealing too and I like the merging of museum and artistic display in my work and this is something I need to work on. Whilst looking at Mark Dion and reading a book containing his work I came across Robert Smithson. I’ve crushed products and objects and displaying them in different ways and looked at his Mirror Displacement and the way the mirrors add a different perspective on the crushed chalk, shells and stone and reflect the surrounding and the way the mirrors are capturing what’s going on.

Whilst at Waterstones I came across the book No.1: First Works of 362 Artists which gave me a ‘buzz’ because of the content and the two artists who stood out were B.Wurtz and Michael Craig Martin. B.Wurtz adds a sense of humour to his found objects and his clever way of assembling them which I rarely come across. On the shelf by Michael Craig Martin interested me because of the way its assembled: Fifteen milk bottles containing water, on a metal shelf supported on brackets at an angle with the water being at the same level and this gave me further realisation in how to display my work in a conceptual way.

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