Thursday, 19 January 2012

Group Project: Success


The second set project of the year was the 8 week Success Project. The brief was to question, explore and create a concept for what we believed success is. The question that we picked for our group was ‘Can success be engineered?’. I initially chose to work with this question as I thought it would be a 3D heavy way of working, and liked the ‘engineered’ part of the question. We had a concept and a final piece idea right at the start, this wasn’t the best way to start as we hadn’t spoke about other possible ventures. However, the next couple of weeks we had meetings and individually had different ideas, some were more practical than the others, and the ideas were what the final piece – the opposite of what we actually did.

We decided to go along with the concept of what art work was deemed the most successful, so each of us in the group created quick projects that were displayed twice a week in the Link gallery. In our weekly meetings we set themes and responded to them, and decided that in the final 6th week we’d create the final piece. Our 5 themes were: clay, soap, black and white paint and human form – a mixture of materials and forms. When the works were displayed in the Link, we needed data which would collect the ‘points’ awarded by the public, to generate the most successful piece if work. There were small surveys next to the works with an accompanying ‘reason why’ box on the small piece of paper, so we wanted ‘why’ people liked the work as well as just the piece of work selected. There were generic answers to more detailed one which were appreciated.

The cross course crit allowed me to see what people thought of the project, a lot of positive feedback, mainly because of the fast paced projects we did and the public voting.

The final piece were like the ‘best bits’ merged together, a big ball of collective mess, I had envisaged something thrown together, leaking, for the final piece, which everybody else in the group was keen on too. The fragments of the weekly winning pieces of art work were put into the final piece, carved pieces of soap, glitter, black and white paint etc.

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